Revenge of the Fallen Super Tuner Throwdown Boxset Images


The Arker has posted new images of the upcoming Super Tuner Throwdown boxset for the Revenge of the Fallen line. It features Autobot Blowpipe versus Decepticon Sideways. Sideways appears unchanged from his mass release, while Blowpipe is a redeco of the Movie 2007 Dropkick/Salvage. His name comes from a Decepticon G1 Targetmaster famous for being Lord Zarak’s brother in law.

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  1. Maloknazh's Avatar Maloknazh says

    Hm. Not a bad lookin combo set, too bad Sideways is such a shelfwarmer here, maybe Walmart could be smart for once, and maybe I could ONE DAY get my hands on something like this.

  2. Optimus Prime's Avatar Optimus Prime says

    Originally Posted by theestampede View Post
    they really like to keep releasing sidways don't they
    Yeah, and still no movie-accurate vehicle mode deco for him.

  3. prime13's Avatar prime13 says

    yeah, he doesnt even have the one silver hand like the original.

  4. Tech Spec's Avatar Tech Spec says

    man... now ima have an extra Sideways to sell..... oh well

    Blowpipe is a dope repaint though

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