Michael Bay Comments On The Dinobots – I Hate Them


According to an article in the latest issue of Empire magazine Transformers Revenge of the Fallen director Michael Bay makes clear his views on the inclusion (or lack thereof) of the Dinobot’s in the live action films. Bay comments that “They’ve never been discussed [for inclusion]. I don’t like them. Actually, I hate them.“. This comes as sad news to fans of the beloved G1 characters and does not bode well for those hoping for the inclusion of the Dinobot’s for the third installment of the film.

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  1. Alienbot's Avatar Alienbot says

    On page 27 on the latest issue of Empire magazine I've received through the post (issue 243, dated September 2009), Michael Bay states in an article titled "Hollywood's Most Secret" that

    "They've never been discussed [for inclusion]. I don't like them. Actually, I hate them."
    Sheesh, at least Orci was more civil on Don Murphy's forum when explaining how he isn't a dinosaur fan. Maybe I won't want Grimlock anyway if he gets shafted like Sideswipe and Arcee.

    By the way, isn't it ironic they won't put robots that turn into actual dinosaurs in, but have put in a scorpion (Scorponok), Ravage (a cat), Scalpel (who resembles a spider), a Starscream with a bird face and legs, Insecticons, a praying mantis (Frenzy) and numerous others who bear similarities with various animals?

  2. enkidoamark's Avatar enkidoamark says

    I never really thought we'd get them. I really wouldn't want to see how they'd look in movieverse.

  3. Opticron Primal's Avatar Opticron Primal says

    Eh, whatever.

    That mindset just helped him avoid any fanboy rage he would have gotten if he ever decided to include them in TF3.

  4. soundwaveCA's Avatar soundwaveCA says

    Frankly I don't blame him, I don't see the Dinobot's fitting into the movieverse at all either.

  5. transformers32's Avatar transformers32 says

    But wouldnt it of been cool to see a couple dinobots take out devastator and not that rail gun?? IMO that would of been awesome....

  6. Autobot Burnout's Avatar Autobot Burnout says

    In terms of the movieverse, I'm on Bay's side here. In all seriousness, the dinobots would be pointless and hard to even plausibly write into the movie.

    Plus, outside of Grimlock being a total bad-ass most of the time, all the Dinobots usually sound like cavemen and would not be interesting to the audience.

  7. Opticron Primal's Avatar Opticron Primal says

    Originally Posted by ORIO View Post
    Grimlock could at least be used as a tank or something...
    Yet you know there will be a ton of people who will not listen to reason and continuously complain about him not being a T-rex.

  8. Slimaximus's Avatar Slimaximus says

    I vote Tank style Grimlock, but the dinobots as a whole just won't work in Bayverse

  9. BMGFX's Avatar BMGFX says

    While maybe he could have worded it better, I don't really want to see the Dinobots in the movies either.

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