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  1. kwickstrike has no avatar! kwickstrike says

    Editor's note: Due to overwhelming response we are placing this right here.

    The 3rd Arcee bike's name is FLAREUP.

    Ok there it is. Thank you for all of the threads.

    -TFW2005 Staff

    everyone thank Tony_Bacala for his pictures!!!

    how fucking cool is this?????

    We now have a gallery up from today's Transformers panel from San Diego Comic Con where TFW provided live coverage from.

    Movie figures shown: Bludgeon, Mindwipe, Lockdown, Skystalker, Breakdown, Scattershot, Dirge, Human Alliance Barricade, Human Alliance Mudflap, Jungle Attack Ironhide, and Ratchet.

    Animated toys shown: Arcee, Rodimus Minor, Cybertronian Mode Ratchet, Goldfire Grimlock, Hydrodive Bumblebee, Fugitive Waspinator, Blackout, Wingblade Optimus, Cybertronian Mode Ironhide, and Blackout.

    Also shown but not in our gallery was: Masterpiece Skywarp, ROTF Gathering on the Nemesis set, TRU exclusive Perceptor and Insecticons, Animated Soundblaster, and Animated Thundercracker. Also mentioned there were no plans for an Omega Supreme, or anything else for Animated that we have not already seen.

    Also mentioned was the third Arcee bike's name was Flareup, though no toy is planned.

  2. Slimaximus's Avatar Slimaximus says

    Yeah I about shat myself when I saw that, he is AMAZING, he can fit movie or clasicverse

  3. Stune's Avatar Stune says

    I'd need a clearer pic of Robot mode, but from here it looks like $20 bucks well spent.

  4. Creaky's Avatar Creaky says

    Will buy. Also, was I the only one who spazzed out when it said "Mindwipe"?

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