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Ryan Church, who has provided high quality concept artwork for a number of films including Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, Star Trek and two of the Star Wars Prequels, has begun to release some of the concept art work that he did for Revenge of the Fallen on his personal website. These incredible images give us a unique look at the creative process behind Revenge of the Fallen, and also give us a different take on some of the locations that were only shown briefly during the film, such as the Decepticon starship’s exterior and interior, as well as a certain weapon of planetary destruction.

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  1. Omega Charge's Avatar Omega Charge says


    First thing that came to mind was the baseball player though.

  2. UltraMagnus2008's Avatar UltraMagnus2008 says

    Wow, this shits awesome, I wish the movie was more like this.

  3. Witwicky Camaro's Avatar Witwicky Camaro says

    Brilliant, this guy's done some work one several my favorite movies .

  4. Nervol has no avatar! Nervol says

    Those final battle concept arts look a lot more epic than the actual movie, especially with the fully stripped down Harvester

    Also interesting to see concept art for a scene with the Fallen and a human inside the actual Star Harvester

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