Revenge Of The Fallen Wave 4 Deluxes Found At U.S. Retail


Revenge Of The Fallen wave 4 deluxes have been found and purchased at a Target in San Diego, CA. This wave consists of the Ice Cream twins Skids and Mudflap, Jolt, Blazemaster, and Dead End. Get out there and start hunting!

Also remember to let your fellow Transformers fans know about your recent finds in our Transformers Sightings forum!

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  1. Waverider's Avatar Waverider says

    I bought these at a Target in San Diego.

    Happy hunting all......

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  2. MushroomPrime's Avatar MushroomPrime says

    Well this is good news.

    Tell me, is Blaze Master a new mold?

  3. HankHill has no avatar! HankHill says

    Originally Posted by cheetorBWORG View Post
    Awesome, 3 Autobots in this wave.
    That would be four.

  4. Bumblejazz's Avatar Bumblejazz says

    And, of course, it will take forever for these to show up in Oklahoma. Grr.

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