Stan Bush’s "The Touch" Free Download for Guitar Hero World Tour this Thursday 28 May


Coming this Thursday, 28 May, is a free download of Stan Bush’s “The Touch” for Guitar Hero World Tour. It is not yet clear whether this will be the classic version of The Touch from 1986, the 2007 update, or the recent version submitted for the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Soundtrack. Whichever version it turns out being, grab your guitar controllers and get ready to rock, because this Thursday, YOU will have the touch, YOU will have the power! YEAH!

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  1. 01011000_x has no avatar! 01011000_x says

    Stan Bush's "The Touch" will be available as a FREE download on Guitar Hero World Tour Thursday, May 28th. Wether or not this is the original or the Revenge of the Fallen version is currently unknown, though I would assume the new version it is.

  2. Squints's Avatar Squints says

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    (The post is about 2/3 of the way down the page)

    Oh, and the DLC for May 28th will be a free single.

    The free DLC will be:

    Stan Bush's "THE TOUCH" !!!!!

    If you don't know The Touch, then you obviously didn't see the 80's animated Transformers movie back in the day. Seriously. It is teh AWESOME. --- yes, misspelled on purpose people.

    Since Transformers 2 will be coming soon to a theatre near you soon this summer, we thought we would offer up an awesome FREE single for Guitar Hero fans to enjoy. Also, keep an eye out, there are some special stuff we are doing around the DLC next week so keep looking out for more info!
    Next week's DLC for Guitar Hero World Tour is one free song: "The Touch" by Stan Bush! Based on the YouTube link (which was included in the original post) and the reference in the post to "the 80's animated Transformers movie", it's a safe bet that this is the original version of "The Touch", not the recent redone version for Revenge of the Fallen.

  3. Thundercrackah has no avatar! Thundercrackah says

    Shoulda used the crappy new version, then players could pretend to be the grinning goon guitarist.

  4. Starscreamer95's Avatar Starscreamer95 says

    Yay? Oh wait... it wasnt the crap new version.


  5. Opticron Primal's Avatar Opticron Primal says

    No one is gonna be excited until we know which version it's gonna be. If it's the ROTF version it's gonna be a total bomb.

  6. SarahMobius's Avatar SarahMobius says

    So of course, I will be at Botcon, and can't play it until I get home. I figured they were doing to do this.

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