New Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Trailer on Youtube

The latest Transformers Revenge of the Fallen trailer – which is attached to Night at the Museum 2 and Terminator Salvation, amongst other films – has leaked out onto youtube! You can check out the new trailer below. Of special note is that there is more footage of the motorcycle robot’s chase sequence, plus we also get a short scene featuring Skids and Mudflap, giving an insight into their personalities.

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  1. ThePatriot has no avatar! ThePatriot says

    So I went to see the midnight showing of Terminator Salvation (pretty kickin') and there was a new cut of the second trailer attached to it. It is a lot like the second trailer but has a few new scenes shoved in there and the clip of sideswipe chasing after sideways from the TV spot. There's also a funny bit in there with Skids and Mudflap talking to sam about not reading. Anyone else see the trailer?

  2. Astrocon's Avatar Astrocon says

    Wow here in Argentina. The Premiere for Terminator 4, will be at June 3th.
    So, i hope that somebody put that trailer on Youtube!

  3. ThePatriot has no avatar! ThePatriot says

    Yeah I think once people go and see it tonight there will be some buzz about it. It will undoubtedly make it's way online sometime soon there after.

  4. realCliffjumper's Avatar realCliffjumper says

    Might be seeing it this weekend. Can't wait to see this. If someone finds it online, please post!

  5. bumblebot98 has no avatar! bumblebot98 says

    Originally Posted by NGW View Post did Mudflap sound?
    yah!how did he sound??

  6. ThePatriot has no avatar! ThePatriot says

    Originally Posted by bumblebot98 View Post
    yah!how did he sound??

    Well In my opinion I thought they gave them voices that fit pretty well. Mudflap only says one word as I recall(I was a little tuned up so I could have missed something. Dont you judge me!). They definitely twang away a bit like sh!t kickers, but I felt like it fit them, especially since skids has those buck teeth hahah. They both sound a little similar. I'm gonna have to see it again because it's such a short shot, ya know? Im pretty accepting of the liberties taken though so I thought it was fine. However, I AM BUT ONE MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

  7. diablien has no avatar! diablien says

    That cut was not on the front of my Terminator 4 last night... peculiar

  8. Luffy20's Avatar Luffy20 says

    Did the trailer start with Mikeala sitting on a motorbike or did it start with Sam and bumblebee like the last one?

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