Revenge of the Fallen Devastator Revealed


Actoys has posted the first picture of Revenge of the Fallen Devastator which is exactly as previously described by the TFW TF2 insider. Click the discuss button to share your thoughts on him.

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  1. NGW's Avatar NGW says Not what I was expecting at all. Taking time to look at it...yeah, I can dig it.

  2. Turnip has no avatar! Turnip says

    Much like all the designs from the last movie I am going to need to see this one in motion and from multiple angle before I pass judgment.

  3. Blitz.'s Avatar Blitz. says

    At first I was not sold on that face but the more I think about it from a story perspective the more I think it could be a really cool thing

    now I just want to see this guys toy

    Also right click saved cuz you know their going to ask for this to be taken down like the twins pics

  4. Samus_Ng's Avatar Samus_Ng says

    Looks real, it's hard to custom a model like this. Best Devastator ever!

  5. Type-R's Avatar Type-R says

    Interesting if real. Looks like the cement mixer isn't the chest but rather the face. I wonder where the excavator/power shovel Constructicon from the Super Bowl ad is on Devastator.

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