Animated Season Three Character Death and Series Finale Confirmed


Our own S250 has confirmed from his sources that Animated will end after season three, as a lot of plot connects to the planned season four have been deleted from episode scripts. This confirms our January report here that the series was rumored to end after season three, but doesn’t clarify the reasoning for the cancellation.

S250 also names the character that will die during the course of the season, that was mentioned on the season two DVD commentary of “Garbage In, Garbage Out,” but I won’t spoil that here on the front page. If you want to be spoiled, hit discuss below.

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  1. S250's Avatar S250 says

    seems Season 3 is the final season of TF:A

    Prowl sacrificed himself for save Optimus Prime
    Lot of connects to Season 4 have being deleted.....

  2. Deadpool.'s Avatar Deadpool. says

    Originally Posted by S250 View Post
    the bright side is we can expect new series after rotf now.....
    Problem is, how will the new series be? And how will the fans react again? It's probably gonna cause such a huge range of reactions again.

  3. Baccala1976's Avatar Baccala1976 says

    I think this is the right move. This series can start getting old and boring after season 3 the way it did with G1 in the Untited States.

  4. Ravenxl7's Avatar Ravenxl7 says

    Eh, it was always going to end eventually. Prowl sacrificing himself to save Prime sounds a little odd at first, but I can see that happening. It'll be interesting to see how they wrap it up at the end, and to see what they'll come up with next. We'll need more than just Universe for that time period between RotF and the next movie. Especially if Bay takes that year long break he mentioned.

  5. AMG's Avatar AMG says

    Now we know for sure who dies in season 3.

    Really sucks that this is the end of Animated.

  6. Dom's Avatar Dom says

    Oh god, they are going to do a movie toon, not even a next gen animated. This licks nutsack

  7. Quantum's Avatar Quantum says

    Too bad, lots of wasted potential for the show. At least we're getting the third season though. Better than only two!

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