Animated Jetstorm and Jetfire Set Released in the US


Our own roykop has found the Animated Autobot twins Jetfire and Jetstorm at retail at his local Walmart in Mesa, AZ today. The jets come in a two-pack along with an exclusive comic and form the symmetrical combiner Safeguard!

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  1. roykop's Avatar roykop says

    A thousand apologies if this has been posted, but I couldn't find in in a search.

    I was out at a local Walmart today in Mesa, AZ and was surprised to see these guys laying there at the bottom of the shelf... hardly visible.

    Anyway, I had a $10 gift card to waste... and now I have these... things.

  2. Bgrngod's Avatar Bgrngod says

    Finally these are showing up. Good to know they will be owned sooner than later.

    I still need to track down a Shockwave.

  3. Slimaximus's Avatar Slimaximus says

    Damn my walmart hasn't had anything good they still have movie toys =(

  4. twee's Avatar twee says

    Holy shit, make it stop!

    But AZ, that's very very close to CA, especially SD CA. I'll check it out.

  5. Octavius Prime has no avatar! Octavius Prime says

    I hope I see them before the end of the month. If so, I can use my McDonald's coupon AND a gift card I got for returning a duplicate AniSoundwave from Christmas. That'd put the set right around 7 bucks.

  6. Nemesis Liger's Avatar Nemesis Liger says

    Yes, finally! I've been dying for these guys to show up. Now all I have to do is wait for my preorder to go through. *excited*

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