Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Dirt Boss in Package


2005 Boards member S250 has provided us with an in-package image of the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Scout class toy, Dirt Boss. This also confirms the name of the forklift robot, which until now was only conjectured to be named Dirt Boss based on several auctions listed under the name.

Check out the full image by clicking on the thumbnail to the left.

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  1. Silent_Magnus's Avatar Silent_Magnus says

    Dirt Boss is a hilarious name for a dinky forklift like that.

    any backside pics?

  2. ThinkTank Customs's Avatar ThinkTank Customs says

    in movie game his name was scrapper

    i love this toy, got my last week!

  3. AutobotMurder's Avatar AutobotMurder says

    Dirt Boss for a forklift? a monster truck maybe, but a forklift?

    I liked spoons the 2nd best, but oh well.

  4. Rotorstorm's Avatar Rotorstorm says

    He won't be called dirtboss if I get him.

    Liftor or Spoons suit him better

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