Transformers Movie Evac Redeco First Look


Thanks to chenkofs of for posting the first images of a Transformers Movie Evac repaint. The original poster indicates it will likely be released in the Revenge of the Fallen toy line. The Evac toy uses the Transformers Movie Blackout mold with a retooled head. Check out the images by clicking the thumbnail.

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  1. Cast's Avatar Cast says

    Sweet I missed the orginal if I see it for a good price 'll be picking it up.

  2. Mr. Sinister's Avatar Mr. Sinister says

    I don't care how many times they repaint it, that mold will never look Autobot-y to me. Too pointy.

  3. Icespark's Avatar Icespark says

    Wow, that came out really nice! I liked Evac a lot, so I might look into this one. I wonder his name will be. Does anyone know what the numbers on his helicopter tail might mean: N073A0?

  4. magmatron's Avatar magmatron says

    Pretty cool, but I think this is a new head. It looks different from the old evac head ( I think). Maybe its just the colors.

  5. dorfsquest's Avatar dorfsquest says

    Me likey. I missed out on the first Evac. Those colors look good. (I wonder how many other deceased Decepticons from the first movie will get repaints for the sequel's toyline.)

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