High Resolution Henkei Ratchet Images


Japanese online retailer eHobby has posted new, high-resolution images of C-12 Henkei Ratchet on the figure’s pre-order page. Henkei Ratchet is due out in February 2009. Check out these new images by clicking on the image to the left.

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  1. NemesisBruticus has no avatar! NemesisBruticus says

    looks better than the first pic. wonder if the classics version will have the red head? or maybe both(running change)

  2. QmTablit's Avatar QmTablit says

    I can barely remember how the Classics Ratchet was different, but it looks like it's just chrome lights & gun/stabby-stabby end.

    No reason for me to not get Classics. Though I'm sure I'll be doing the same slight mistransformation to keep him from checking out his own boobs.


    thank god they got rid of all that black the universe one had. this is ratchet i cant wait for him.

  4. llamatron's Avatar llamatron says


    What's the mistransformation to avoid self boob staring?

  5. Rodimus Major's Avatar Rodimus Major says

    Originally Posted by llamatron View Post

    What's the mistransformation to avoid self boob staring?

    Not folding the wheels all the way back under the backpack, but leaving them out to the side.

  6. rapid_fire has no avatar! rapid_fire says

    wow!!! that looks sooooooooooo much better

    the universe version looks like crap

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