Prototype Photos of Alternity Megatron


Some new prototype images of Alternity Megatron have been revealed on a new listing page on Amazon Japan. Interestingly, the photo of the Bot mode shows no fusion cannon. See for yourself by clicking picture on the left, than talk about it by clicking on the Discuss button below.

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  1. Buzzer-Bot's Avatar Buzzer-Bot says

    Is that how he looks?That's so weak for a Decepticon leader.

    Plus,shouldn't he be wielding an arm cannon?

  2. Type-R's Avatar Type-R says

    Boo for the loss of the fusion cannon from the concept art. Otherwise it looks good but a little too much of GT-R's transformation scheme in the top half.

  3. Peaugh's Avatar Peaugh says

    Digging the swords, but I too am lamenting the apparent loss of the cannon.

  4. Buzzer-Bot's Avatar Buzzer-Bot says

    Yep.I wonder why they hate preserving old classic characteristics...

  5. Type-R's Avatar Type-R says

    The designers/engineers followed the transformation of the GT-R so closely for Meg's upper body that he's also got the engine block attached to the back of his head but due to the shape of Meg's head, it looks like it'll stick out a lot more than on Convoy. Also, in place of the concept art's awesome fusion cannon, he's "inherited" Convoy's car seat twin barrel guns on both arms.

    Overall, I'm quite disappointed after seeing the concept art but I'll probably still be getting the Blade Silver version.

  6. red00wolf's Avatar red00wolf says

    So this is what you get when you mix animated megs with g1 bluestreak/smockscreen/prowl.

  7. a person's Avatar a person says

    The concept artwork looked a lot better than this. Hopefully Megatron will look better in colour.

  8. IronhideTF's Avatar IronhideTF says

    Megs looks pretty cool.
    Alt mode is spot on from the looks of the proto.

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