Mysterious Eyes on Revenge of the Fallen Superion Box Belong to The Fallen


We have received confirmation from the TFW TF2 Insider that the mysterious set of eyes seen on the officially released Revenge of the Fallen packaging images belong to The Fallen! Yes! Not only did the official images give us our first look at the packaging for the new Movie toys, but it also teased us with a look at the face of The Fallen himself!

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  1. kjeevahh's Avatar kjeevahh says

    forget all this blurry soundwave debate, this is what people should be talking about:

    EDIT: for those of you having a hard time seeing what it is meant to be, there are two evil looking eyes either side of the image, with a faceplate/brdige of nose in the middle. i've put blue boxes around the eyes here:

  2. Sideways's Avatar Sideways says

    I was also thinking what that could be.
    looks somewhat like a skull.

  3. OmegaVPrime's Avatar OmegaVPrime says

    I would imagine it would look somthing like a protos arcon from starcraft, only more huminoid? It sounded cool in my head, what do you think KJ?

  4. kjeevahh's Avatar kjeevahh says

    i think that if it is the centrepoint of the packaging for a film called revenge of the fallen, there's only one character it could be. im sure he'll look alot more murderous than an archon too!

  5. kjeevahh's Avatar kjeevahh says

    i think it's quite obviously the same eyes as are shown in the background of the cover to the prequel comic,the same prequel comic that was stated as revealing who the fallen is:

  6. Soundwave84's Avatar Soundwave84 says

    I dont know if i am completely agreeing that this is really the fallen

  7. kjeevahh's Avatar kjeevahh says

    its not nothingness, it's clearly a decepticon's eyes, split up in the same way as barricade and brawl, and it's the centrepiece of the revenge of the fallen toy packaging, as seen containing the target ROTF superion set.

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