New TV Magazine Lucky Draws of Henkei Convoy and Galvatron


TFW Forum member SydneyY reports that a Japanese children’s TV magazine will be giving away two new Lucky Draws of Henkei Convoy and Galvatron! Stay tuned for more info and pics, in the meanwhile visit our news forum and Discuss.

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  1. Spiderus Prime's Avatar Spiderus Prime says

    Is it the Japaness releasing of the Ultimate Battle pack?

  2. KING KONVOY's Avatar KING KONVOY says

    can we enter! I hope megs is a black repaint! wouldn't everyone be mad if prime is blue & white, perfect for powermaster armor!

  3. SydneyY's Avatar SydneyY says

    You guys all know what recent TV Magazine LDs are like

    AFAIK they are both gold chromed, limited to 5. I'll see if I can get a scan somewhere or someone in Japan might come up with one?

  4. grock35's Avatar grock35 says

    aww...plain gold chrome

    i mean it's nice and all but they need to go back to those crazy color schemes

    like make prime green and pink with a splash of know something a kid would do

  5. rattrap007's Avatar rattrap007 says

    Originally Posted by grock35 View Post
    interesting...i hope that they are done in some funky colors
    I'm betting they are just solid gold..

  6. Rotorstorm's Avatar Rotorstorm says

    hmm, my guess is there is a chance they'll go silverfor Megatron like they have done in the past

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