Official Images of Transformers Animated Activators Megatron, Grimlock and Bandit Lockdown


We have received official images of the fourth wave of Transformers Animated Activators – made up of Megatron, the Dinobot Grimlock and Bandit Lockdown, a redeco of the original Activators Lockdown. This is our first look at this redeco of Activators Lockdown! Check out these high resolution images by clicking on the thumbnail to the left, or by clicking on the individual links above to visit the resources pages for each of these toys.

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  1. neek_buster's Avatar neek_buster says

    Here is the new wave of Animated Activator from, Megatron & Grimlock, which we saw at SDCC, and a repaint of Lockdown named Bandit Lockdown

    TFW Update - higher-res, non watermarked pictures now attached:

  2. EvaUnit13's Avatar EvaUnit13 says

    Megatron's face is too dark(the rest should be darker and the face should be lighter) and no fusion cannon? Grimlock looks cool and looks like he has the same mouth gimmick or just an opening mouth

  3. Ravenxl7's Avatar Ravenxl7 says

    I'll definetly be getting Megatron and Grimlock. Bandit Lockdown on the other hand, will be an easy pass for me, though I will be getting the other two Deluxe versions of him, to go along with the origional one I already have. I'm going to rename them Mirage and Sizzle, and make them brothers of Lockdown. Here's hoping we get some non-vandalized versions of these pics.

    Edit: Good to see some non-vandalized pics. I wasn't origionaly going to get any Activators, but now that I have Bumblebee, I actually like them. There are at least four more of them that I plan on getting:


  4. ActionMasterZod's Avatar ActionMasterZod says

    They look nice, but the only activator I want is Starscream, and I already have him.

  5. shibamura_prime's Avatar shibamura_prime says

    Lockdown looks pretty snazzy in blue. I may have to pick that sucker up.

  6. Icetron's Avatar Icetron says

    Already planned to get Grimlock.

    Still not interested in the Lockdown mold. Megs looks decent in robot mode though.

  7. omega ranger's Avatar omega ranger says

    Originally Posted by Bass X0 View Post
    Getting Lockdown. Will wait for repaints of the other two as I've already got the larger versions of those two.
    That's what I intend to do. I got the larger versions, and I want to keep with the main line, but I possibly just might get Lockdown...maybe.

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