TFW2005 Interviews Transformers Animated Story Editor Marty Isenberg

Marty-Isenberg-Transformers TFW2005 content contributor Aernaroth recently had a chance to interview Marty Isenberg, the Story Editor for Transformers: Animated. Check out what he had to say below!

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  1. Nightrain's Avatar Nightrain says

    Marty Isenberg: I like self-contained stories that can be built upon in future episodes. I'd rather not have everything planned out for the entire season. You want to call back things from previous episodes, but not interweave them to the point where you can't enjoy the episode without having to see every single episode that precedes it.
    Quoted. For. TRUTH.

  2. Dark_Convoy's Avatar Dark_Convoy says

    Great interview, I would have loved to see Megs take down Gimlock and CO.

  3. Smokescreen's Avatar Smokescreen says

    Very insightful interview. So, the Dinobots were supposed to be in the Season 1 finale. That would've been cool to see, even if Megs defeated them quickly.

  4. Takara_destron's Avatar Takara_destron says

    Cool interview, I'd have loved to have seen Megs take down the Dinobots.

  5. General Tekno's Avatar General Tekno says

    Huh. Definitely would have invalidated Grimlock's "Galactic Powers" though.

  6. Brave Magnus's Avatar Brave Magnus says

    Really an interesting interview. I would be lying if i say that the Dinobots deleted scene doent sound cool ^^

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