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Takara Tomy’s ninth release in the Encore reissue line is Omega Supreme, a highly-sought piece for Generation One collectors. And for the first time, Omega has a face, or at least eyes and the bridge of a nose! I got mine from Japan today and have posted a gallery of photos and a review in our Feedback Forum. Check it out here!

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  1. Foster's Avatar Foster says

    I got my Encore Omega Supreme today and have spent the afternoon playing with it while the GF researches a Las Vegas vacation for us. Here’s my first impressions:

    The biggest new feature is Omega’s face sculpt. As you see, it’s the same face shield as before, just the eye sockets and bridge of a nose are built up with new plastic under the shield. The packaging is the same style as the Hasbro edition from 1985, replacing the Styrofoam with a two-piece plastic shell reinforced with cardboard around the perimeter, as was used for Encore Sky Lynx.

    His main Autobot symbol is a tampo. Very nicely done, especially since the chest piece retracts under the gray neck piece in tank mode.

    Although the Encore box uses the original Hasbro art and “moon base” photos (which I now strongly suspect were taken in cat litter), all of the other Photos of Omega are new, to show the new half-face.

    He still takes 2 AA batteries. Omega rolls around his track great!

    The 1985 battle scene on the back remains, but it has been shrunk down to make room for the transformation photos. But now the entire painting is visible.

    The on/off switch is still in English, but now it’s a tampo, not a sticker.

    The copyright on the bottom of my Hasbro Omega is different here. The vintage one reads, “1985 U.S. COPYRIGHT BY HASBRO BRADLEY, INC.

    My original Omega has the Toybox logo here and “PAT. P. TOYBOX CORP” in place of this. More photos in the next post!

  2. Foster's Avatar Foster says

    The box says the turret is supposed to swivel as the tank drives around the track, but my original has never worked in the 10 years I’ve owned it. I might be missing something in the transform to enable that feature.

    The instruction sheet was too big to get in one photo.

    Omega is a classic parts-former like the 1984 Seeker jets in that you need to almost completely disassemble him to transform him. He measures 11” in height to the top of his head. Per the instructions, only two of the six pieces of track are used to make his wings, but there’s nothing stopping you from using it all!

    Here’s the rubsign, on the front window of the tank, which in robot mode is around his navel. My vintage Omega has no rubsign and I’m not sure if it ever did.

    It’s hard to tell from the window tint, but my guess is the new face sculpt on Omega was done with white plastic to stand out against the gray of the rest of his head.

    This is my best attempt at shooting the LED feature. Hard to get when he’s walking toward you!

    Lastly, a size comparison with some modern toys. The Henkei Decepticons help Omega demonstrate his shoulder, elbow and forearm articulation, very well done for his era! (Astrotrain's just happy to have some train tracks, and that he's not the one in Omega's claw!

    I have to highly recommend Omega Supreme for G1 collectors. As the first motorized TF, he's part of history! Let me know if you want any more photos.

  3. Soundblaster1's Avatar Soundblaster1 says

    Is that a size trick or is it really that huge?

    I might have to drop a $100 I wasn't expecting on dropping
    Thanks, Foster.

  4. Incepticon's Avatar Incepticon says

    Great series of pics!

    It's funny, I almost forgot that this is an official release - not just another KO.

  5. Foster's Avatar Foster says

    Originally Posted by Soundblaster1 View Post
    Is that a size trick or is it really that huge?

    I might have to drop a $100 I wasn't expecting on dropping
    Thanks, Foster.
    Omega is the termination of your wealth accumulation.

  6. brr-icy's Avatar brr-icy says

    damn, i just got my g1 one complete, but i guess i'll be getting this one too lol

  7. Optimus Scourge's Avatar Optimus Scourge says

    Nice review, bro!

    Try pushing his head up all the way so the chest is completely collapsed in tank mode and the turret should spin.

    I like it and I'm glad he got a re-issue so more people could get a minty working one, but I really don't like the face, not sure why. I was debating him, but I have a very nice original, so not gonna do it, but if I did not have him, I'd be all over it

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