New Transfomrers Animated: Transform and Roll Out DVD Details, Video Game Announced


2005 Boards member BustaJesse was lucky enough to find a copy of the Transformers Animated: Transform and Roll Out DVD at a local comic book shop in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada before the scheduled release date of next Tuesday, June 17th. He has posted picture of the packaging as well as a picture of the DVD and insert. The insert features pictures of some of the toys and various merchandising, but the insert also advertises an upcoming Transformers Animated video game! Click the image to the left to see all of the images of the packaging, insert, and DVD!

BustaJesse also provides details of the “extras”, two deleted shorts included with the DVD. Spoilers of the shorts can be seen by clicking the Discuss button.

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  1. Batman's Avatar Batman says

    I found the Transformers Animated "Transform and rollout" DVD at my local comic book shop here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada today. It's not supposed to be released until June 17th and for some reason they put it out 5 days early. I quickly snapped some pics of the outside and inside of the DVD so enjoy. I have not had a chance to watch it yet so I can't comment on the actual DVD yet. I paid $16.99 for it. Can't wait to watch it

    Front cover with " First time on DVD" sticker on wrapping.

    Back cover

    Security seal

    Side of DVD

    Inside of DVD case


    Opposite side of DVD insert. Notice the Animated videogame preview.


    Okay so I got around to looking at the DVD. First of all, the new "Hasbro Entertainment" logo appears when you first put it in. It then takes you to the main menu. The background is the 5 main Autobots standing next to the list of options. There are three options which are : Play, Animated Shorts, and Set up. Play obviously plays the movie, it is all in one piece, not separated into three episodes like some worried. It is split up into scenes, so you can use your next button to skip to the next scene, bu there is no chapters menu.

    Set Up is just audio options for English and Spanish.

    Now onto the one and only special feature, the animated shorts. I think these are basically deleted scenes, there are two and they play right after one another. I will now go into spoiler mode:

    The first one is Prime talking to a group of kids. He keeps getting interrupted by one of the kids asking him to transform. The pesky kid is none other than Daniel Witwicky. Eventually Daniel gets all the other kids demanding Prime to transform, which he does to get them to shut up. After Prime turns back Daniel says " Where does the trailer go when you turn back into a robot?" This one was funny and I enjoyed it.

    The next one is weaker, Prowl jumps over the other for Autobots daredevil style (they are in alt mode, like a stunt jump) he can't quite clear Bumblebee. He falls and BB says some smart remark which I can't remember. Prowl throws a ninja star at his face and leaves. Thats all I can remember.

    Thats it for extras.

  2. SPLIT LIP's Avatar SPLIT LIP says

    Woot! When you get a chance (no rush) could you give a review of any extras that are on it?

  3. chuckcjc's Avatar chuckcjc says

    "50 Light Years Earlier" ???

    I thought it was only 50 years later... (Autobot Ship crash to awakening)

  4. SPLIT LIP's Avatar SPLIT LIP says

    Originally Posted by chuckcjc View Post
    "50 Light Years Earlier" ???

    I thought it was only 50 years later... (Autobot Ship crash to awakening)
    It's an error. Light years are a measurment of distance, not time like the case describes.

  5. Big Bot has no avatar! Big Bot says

    They've changed the cover slightly so everything isn't at an angle, and is now the same as the UK and Australian versions.

    An Animated video game should be interesting. Hopefully Activision can produce something better than last years effort.

  6. SPLIT LIP's Avatar SPLIT LIP says

    As long as they don't put in the stupid things like the sheilds, overly drawn-out transformations and bobbing camera crap it can't be that bad. I'm excited for it to say the least.

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