Autobot Jazz is back for Transformers Movie Sequel


TFW2005 Exclusive: Thanks to Tom Collins for letting us know that the Pontiac Solstice vehicle prop of Autobot Jazz arrived on the set of Transformers 2 earlier today. In addition we’ve received confirmation from a second tipster that Darius McCrary, the voice of Movie Jazz, is now on set as well.

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  1. Hollywood Hoist's Avatar Hollywood Hoist says

    I'm torn about this news (assuming it's not Bay misinformation) On one side I would love to see Jazz get a bigger role. On the other, it takes away some of the drama if the robots come back even after they've "died".

  2. Peanut04's Avatar Peanut04 says

    I don't buy into this, but if true they better have a damn good explanation. Also, I don't pretend to know the process in making a movie like this, but why would the VA be on the movie set?

  3. dak's Avatar dak says

    interesting... I wonder how they will bring him back...

    I'm hoping some images will pop up soon.

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