New Gallery of Takara Release MA-21 Premium Optimus Prime Battle Mode


A beautiful gallery of the Takara release MA-21 Optimus Prime Battle Mode, aka Movie Premium Series Leader Optimus Prime, has turned up on Click the thumbnail to the left to view all of the pictures!

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  1. Ashstar's Avatar Ashstar says

    Awesome pics indeed Cataclizm1, and boy does Prime look GORGEOUS in those chrome or what?

    This makes me not miss Premium Prime, as I am ever tempted to get this bad boy.

  2. Rodimus Major's Avatar Rodimus Major says

    I prefer this version to Hasbro's but I prefer Hasbro's price.

    Price wins.

  3. Josh's Avatar Josh says


    i want that so bad

    just looks incredible. way surpasses the hasbro version IMO

  4. Fit For natalie's Avatar Fit For natalie says

    I think this makes Hasbro's Premium Prime look half-hearted by comparison.

  5. Delphan Rane's Avatar Delphan Rane says

    Takara's version looks awesome. I'm really liking the extra detailing on the feet and the sword, Prime looks good in both modes.

  6. lord ginrai's Avatar lord ginrai says

    I love the look, but you can really only pose the robot mode with a satin cloth or something under his feet...

  7. sideways2 has no avatar! sideways2 says

    This Premium Prime is awesome!!! I wish I had one. But I live in Europe, I cant get it, it will just be a dream of getting this Prime Can anyone may give me some Advice how I can get this great piece?!

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