Pictures and Summary for Animated Episode 24 "S.U.V. – Society of Ultimate Villainy"


Our own member magmatron has taken some screenshots of the latest Animated episode, “S.U.V. – Society of Ultimate Villainy,” to air on MBC 3 in the Middle East. Check out the attached photos by clicking the thumbnail to the left and read the summary of the episode by clicking the Discuss button. As a reminder, be aware that the attachments and discussion thread contains spoilers!

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  1. magmatron's Avatar magmatron says

    At first I wasn't gonna bother with this, as it seemed kinda boring and human centered, but when I decided to turn it on later anyways, this is what was staring me in the face!

    Sorry for no videos, someone give me a link on how to capture videos from the tv to the pc!


    1-It starts out with a chase, the bots tailing a now young Nanosec and when BB was about to catch him someone fires a blast which freezes him.

    2- Later on Nano meets the one who saved him, a female villain who's theme is on time and uses a pocket watch to fire a time stopping beam, and they later team up with Angrey Archer and Professor princess due to a mysterious contractor who tells them mission from inside a car.

    3- After they complete his missions and build a machine with a time stopping wave, it turns out that the contractor was the car itself, which reveals itself as Swindle and steals the machine from them.

    4- Swindle later on uses the machine to stop the Autobots and then strikes a deal with Megatron to sell it to him, convincing him of its usfulness for the war.

    5- The villains, now angry, help Sari revive BB by sending him Sumdac towers, as the barrier protects them from the wave, and after covering themselves with a barrier, take on Swindle.

    6-After they defeat Swindle, the villains double cross BB and steal the main part of the machine, the clockwomens pocket watch, but is knocked from them by Swindle, but is then taken by BB and is used on Swindle.

    7- The villains are captured, and Swindle is taken away.

  2. Laser_Optimus's Avatar Laser_Optimus says

    Transformers of the Carribean 3! Double cross after double cross!

    Seriously... sounds like a good episode. Can't wait to watch it.

  3. Trailbreaker77's Avatar Trailbreaker77 says

    He got that Bug Eyed thing going on.
    Quit stareing at me with those bug eyes.

  4. transfan_seek's Avatar transfan_seek says

    im definetly happy with how they have done him nice upgrade from g1 but still keeps the feel hope the toy is good this guy was one of my first g1's

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