Transformers Classics Ultra Magnus Upgrade Set


An image of what appears to be Classics Ultra Magnus with a custom upgrade kit has been posted TFClub, an Asian image board.

While the image is blurred, the teaser is detailed enough to see Classics Ultra Magnus’ arm kibble and the interior of his legs.

This set will most likely be in limited production much like the Classics Cliffjumper set that was made. Click discuss to join in on the discussion!

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  1. MegaHavok's Avatar MegaHavok says

    Going off the price of the cliffjumper upgrade that should retail for about $500

  2. Robogeek28's Avatar Robogeek28 says

    Yet another great idea not mass released and that only rich folks will be able to afford.....


  3. Fort Max's Avatar Fort Max says

    Cool and nicely done but going to cost a bomb without doubt.

    I'll just have to console myself with Aniamted Ultra Magnus,... soon-ish.

  4. Thunderthruster's Avatar Thunderthruster says

    not what i'd call a clear picture! i think i'd need more convincing to want to buy it!

  5. Ramrider's Avatar Ramrider says

    Intriguing, certainly. It looks pretty darn bulky, but without losing much articulation. But as TT said, you can't really see a lot from that, except that it doesn't seem to involve much transforming of the robot mode. That kinda makes for odd proportion once he's all bulked out, surely. And I wonder if it transforms (although I'm assuming it does).

    Well, it's probably gonna cost a bomb, but I'm making my own anyway.

  6. Ravenxl7's Avatar Ravenxl7 says

    That looks pretty cool. Too bad it's going to be expensive and I don't have a Classics Ultra Magnus. I'll more than likely be happy enough with the Animated Ultra Magnus that we'll be getting.

  7. Sammael's Avatar Sammael says

    Is that an actual transforming Victory Saber or one of the "action masters?" Which line is it from?

  8. Golden Age's Avatar Golden Age says

    That movie toy looks so much better than the official release. Funny what a nice paint job, hands, and a face can do for a toy.

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