Deep Desert Brawl Now Out in the US, Catalog Contains Animated Toy Date


Leader-class Deep Desert Brawl (repaint of Decepticon Brawl) has been sighted at a Wal*Mart in Corona, California by 2005 Boards member MegaHavok. Although the first sighting of this figure in the United States is exciting news itself, also noteworthy is the new catalog that comes in the packaging. The new catalog announces that the release date of the Transformers Animated toy line is June 2008.

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  1. MegaHavok's Avatar MegaHavok says

    Not that big a deal with the news revealed tonight but I did find the brawl repaint at the corona ca. walmart today.
    He comes with a new catalog confirming june 2008 release of animated.

    Also walmart apears to be recieving the delux assortment that consists of only cliffjumper, landmine, and camshaft. They had like 12 cliffjumpers. Good news for people trying to find these figs

  2. Smokescreen's Avatar Smokescreen says

    I'm skipping the Brawl repaint. The Allspark blue does not go well with the desert deco IMO. I am, however, looking forward to picking up Cliffjumper and Landmine. Hopefully, those two will finally show up at my local Walmart soon. Well, I can dream, can't I?

  3. alecgates15's Avatar alecgates15 says

    Can we get pictures of the Transformers Animated advertisement thingie?

  4. Otispq's Avatar Otispq says

    ahh, soon I will get those allspark deluxes. Not sure about the Brawl, gotta see him to know.

  5. lookinglasself's Avatar lookinglasself says

    I don't mind the blue on this mold.. I have the original, but I may pick this one up as well. I'll decide when I see it in person.

  6. MegaHavok's Avatar MegaHavok says

    updated with pics, sorry i left the catalog in the car. will have to get it later, nothing new at all on it aside from the date

  7. Omegatron has no avatar! Omegatron says

    I was waiting to get this one...but now I'm going to start looking for the original deco. That allspark blue just doesn't look good at all with the desert paint job.


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