Transformers Beast Wars II / Beast Wars the Second Checklist

Following on from the first 26 episodes of Beast Wars in Japan, Takara commissioned a fully cel-animated series to keep Transformers on the air while theywaited for more episodes of Beast Wars. The cast of the show utilised nearly all the toys from the first two years of Beast Wars that weren’t already in the show and hadn’t already been released in Japan (as Takara’s initial Beast Wars waves had a few extra toys like Insecticon). And this was just for the Cybertron side! The ranks of the evil Destrons were made up mostly of Generation 2 repaints, with some new toys and a couple of Generation 1 remolds thrown in for good measure.


[ ] C-12 Apache (released in the US as B’Boom)
[ ] C-13 Big Horn (repaint of Beast Wars Bonecrusher)
[ ] C-14 Tasmania Kid (released in the US in Beast Wars as Snarl)
[ ] C-15 Scuba (released in the US as Claw Jaw)
[ ] C-16 Lioconvoy
[ ] C-17 Big Mos (repaint of Beast Wars Transquito)
[ ] C-18 Power Hug (repaint of Beast Wars Retrax)
[ ] C-19 Tonbot (repaint of Beast Wars Jetstorm)
[ ] C-20 Mantis (repaint of Beast Wars Manterror)
[ ] C-21 Drill Nuts (repaint of Beast Wars Drillbit)
[ ] C-22 Scissor Boy (repaint of Beast Wars Powerpinch)
[ ] C-23 DJ (repaint of Beast Wars Cicadacon, combines with Motorarm and Gimlet to form Tripledacus)
[ ] C-24 Motorarm (repaint of Beast Wars Ramhorn, combines with DJ and Gimlet to form Tripledacus)
[ ] C-25 Gimlet (repaint of Beast Wars Sea Clamp, combines with DJ and Motorarm to form Tripledacus)
[ ] C-26 Liojunior (repaint of Beast Wars Prowl (Magnaboss Version), combines with Skywarp and Santon to form Magnaboss)
[ ] C-27 Skywarp (repaint of Beast Wars Silverbolt (Magnaboss Version), combines with Liojunior and Santon to form Magnaboss)
[ ] C-28 Santon (repaint of Beast Wars Ironhide, combines with Liojunior and Silverbolt to form Magnaboss)


[ ] D-12 Megastorm (repaint of Generation 2 Megatron, without SFX)
[ ] D-13 Starscream and B.B. (repaint of Generation 2 Smokescreen and Dreadwing ATB)
[ ] D-14 Dirge (repaint of Machine Wars Thundercracker)
[ ] D-15 Thrust (repaint of Machine Wars Megatron)
[ ] D-16 Galvatron
[ ] D-17 Autostinger (repaint of Generation 2 Roadblock)
[ ] D-18 Autocrasher (repaint of Generation 2 Dirt Bag)
[ ] D-19 Autojetter
[ ] D-20 Autolauncher
[ ] D-21 God Neptune (Halfshell, Scylle, Terrormander, Sea Phantom and Coelagon, repaints of Generation 1 Piranacon / Seacons Snaptrap, Tentakil, Overbite, Seawing and Skalor. Did not include the individual weapons or Nautilator, the sixth Seacon).
[ ] D-22 Gigastorm (repaint of Generation 1 Trypticon)
[ ] D-23 Hellscream (remold of Beast Wars Cybershark)
[ ] D-24 Max B (remold of Beast Wars Wolfang)
[ ] D-25 Dirgegun (remold of Beast Wars Waspinator)
[ ] D-26 Thrustor (remold of Beast Wars Dinobot)


[ ] S-2 Moon

Gift Sets

[ ] X-2 Niagra Base W/ Diver (Diver was a repaint of Beast Wars Spittor)
[ ] X-3 Tripledacus (repaint of Beast Wars Tripredacus, collected C-23, C-24 and C-25)
[ ] X-4 Magnaboss (repaint of Beast Wars Magnaboss, collected C-26, C-27 and C-28)
[ ] X-5 Tako Tank W/ Ikard (Ikard was a repaint of Scuba / Beast Wars Claw Jaw)

VS Sets
Unless otherwise noted, all VS sets contain the same toys as the individual releases.

[ ] VS-12 Apache VS Megastorm
[ ] VS-13 Big Horn VS Starscream and B.B.
[ ] VS-14 Tasmania Kid VS Dirge
[ ] VS-15 Scuba VS Thrust
[ ] VS-16 Lioconvoy VS Galvatron
[ ] VS-17 Big Mos VS Autostinger
[ ] VS-18 Power Hug VS Autocrasher
[ ] VS-19 Tonbot VS Autojetter
[ ] VS-20 Mantis VS Autolauncher