New Transformers Attacktix Figures


Some new Transformers Attacktix figures have surfaced on Ebay. Shown are Vector Prime, Energon Landmine, Energon Strongarm, Energon Skyblast, and Energon Insecticon.

These figures may end up being sold separtely, or in versus packs against Star Wars figures or the upcoming Marvel Attacktix line.

To check out the auction, click here!

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  1. Mike has no avatar! Mike says

    skyBLAST.. that's it, I hated energon and didn't pay much attention to it

  2. Beastbot X's Avatar Beastbot X says

    Wow, they REALLY screwed with Strongarm's proportions... Otherwise, they look kinda cool for what they are.

  3. ZacWilliam's Avatar ZacWilliam says

    Sigh. If they'd just do G1 I'd bite. Even just a few in the set and I'm there. These... not caring...

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